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Moving and get the house in Santo Spirito in this was the best thing ever happened to Veria, the mother of Bruno and Eleonora. Our home hotel is right in the heart of the charming "village" of Santo Spirito, always ready to welcome people. Here you will find the cozy atmosphere of a small town inside an international city, a neighborhood capable to mix the tourism with the wine shop, the herbalist shop, the kiosk, the beauty salon, the inn, the laundry, the local market of fresh fruit and vegetables and lots of artisans’ workshops and sometimes a real fair, like the antique and vintage markets on the second Sunday of the month. Open the door of the boutique hotel and start discovering the most authentic and unusual Florence!

Santo Spirito, our hotel, Florence and the coolest district in the world!

"Historical" inhabitants and new “hipsters”, together with students, tourists and the trendy clubs animating the nightlife and the Florentine evening, create an enchanted setting, an alternative, dynamic and stunning district.
If you want to enjoy this captivating mix of traditions, stories, smells and tastes, just follow us…

Santo Spirito in Florence, the best bars to sip an aperitif

Bar Ricchi

An evergreen, a characteristic fully stocked bar, at lunchtime you can choose between the very economic (and tasty) self-service and the pretty restaurant at the next door, with the possibility to eat outside.

Il Borgo Antico

A traditional location, enjoy their great pizza and first courses!

Il Volume

One of Eleonora’s favorites! Bibo, the owner, preserved the ancient carving shop, where you can order excellent aperitifs and crepes surrounded by workbenches and artifacts, in an enticing context

Pitta M’Ingolli

On the other side of the square, where even in winter if you're lucky you can get some relaxing time with a cup of coffee in the open air, it’s the ideal place to enjoy the sun of the spring after lunch ... there's no table service, but you will find excellent products and prices!

Gusta Osteria/Gusta Panino/Gusta Pizza

Via Maggio, here our energic friend Pasquale created a series of gastronomic activities really worthy of note, like his famous Gusta Pizza, where to eat a “southern” pizza, if you wish with the addition of typical 'nduja imported directly from Calabria (unbeatable prices!)

Our restaurants in Santo Spirito in Florence

Trattoria Casalinga

Familiar management for decades, wonderful food in its “Florentine” simplicity, with a varied menu that is enriched every day with inviting dishes... Andrea, Cristina and the apparently grouchy Paolo will surely surprise you! We recommend, do not miss the salt cod on Friday! Sit at these tables and look around, here you can really meet the whole Santo Spirito’s community: first-round workers mixing with supervisors (is very popular to all the staff of Palazzo Pitti), antique dealers and gallery owners, shopkeepers, and almost everyone in the area at least once a week come here, to visit the Carrai family!


You are in the outstanding Piazza della Passera, here, Silvio, passionate and competent owner along with his wife Mariolina, will serve a veg / organic menu, the result of a “cooking research” combining in fascinating and superlative proposals, the typical food of Florence and Genoa, its original city.

Ai 4 Leoni

Very popular and justly famous, with varied types of customers going from the Florentines to a foreign audience that by the word of mouth made this trattoria famous in the world. On the walls, the many photos of VIPs passing through Florence, tired of the formal atmospheres of starred restaurants, enjoying an informal evening in this beautiful spot characterized by an inviting dehor ... The manager (and friend) Stefano di Puccio serve a selection of the best Florentine foods and specialties, cooked with an innovative touch.

Enjoy Santo Spirito! Our Hotel will be the perfect and strategic location to unveil the secret beauty of Florence and Tuscany.
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