Art atelier Florence

In Via Maggio, in the street of the antique dealers, you will find our Art Atelier, in which Florence reveals itself in its oldest and at the same time innovative habit. The Botticelli family, before the new boutique hotel, created a timeless shop, characterized by an intense captivating atmosphere. Just open the door and you will be surrounded by works of art, books and catalogs, artisans and historians who pass to discuss details of future exhibitions, or to learn more about a new discovery. The visitor is enchanted and almost dazed, so many are the beauties and masterpieces on display and to be observed with attention. The eye moves from an altarpiece to a putto dating back to the XV century, from a wooden statue of a saint to an exotic artifact.

Our Art Atelier in Florence, before the hotel, the Gallery…

Welcome to the “land” of Eleonora and Bruno, the two brothers who inherited from their father Franco a strong passion even before a gallery of antiques and art studios. Franco Botticelli was an artist, passionate about music and baritone and perhaps thanks to his countless passions and talents, he managed to become an alternative antique dealer, always investigating the original, the new and the true, with the same dedication shown by his sons.

Open since the first edition of the Florentine Antiques Biennial, the Botticelli Gallery has also distinguished itself for its openness to modern and contemporary art, an intuition already pursued by its "creator", who had a deep culture and knowledge of the art of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

And it is precisely for this reason that Casa Botticelli, as well as a hotel, is an art atelier, to renew a tradition, a pace where artworks are put directly into the journey and the room of the guests, letting the artistic world expressed by the galleries enter into the palaces, the houses, rooms.

Visit Eleonora, Bruno and the Botticelli Gallery, you will appreciate the constant research for connections between the past and the present, the idea that Florence can be more than a museum city, but once again the cultural capital of a new Renaissance.
Casa Botticelli, the art of hospitality, emotions’ gallery.

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