Gallery hotel art Florence

The idea of ​​hosting you in a Gallery hotel art in Florence is due to our family’s tradition: since we were children we used to live surrounded by works of art and historical artifacts. To be born and live in Florence means breathing the artistic evolution everywhere. You can feel art just looking to the famous monuments, admiring the landscape or focusing on a charming detail.

Gallery hotel art Florence, this is what you can find now in our home

That’s why there’s nothing strange in bringing small masterpieces in the daily life of this boutique hotel, in order to recreate an evocating atmosphere, letting our guests experiencing the emotion of being immersed in the artistic world and giving them the opportunity to get themselves the occasion of buying and collecting a picture, a paint or a sculpture, bringing it back home.

Many of the objects that you will find inside our structure are on display and on sale, representing opportunities to cultivate, once home, the passion for the Florentine culture, for the “beautiful” in general, the possibility of preserving the memories of a stunning vacation.

Guido Cozzi

Photographer, born in 1962, in his intense activity alternates personal research and experimentation of different narrative styles with photographic services for international archives. In his opera, life is portrayed with unconventional force.

Derno Ricci

Photographer and traveler, born in Sansepolcro in 1949, he was always animated by a genuine curiosity and an intense professionalism. Discovering life through his lens is a delightful and surprising experience. ”From Derno and his portraits we learned to look people in the eye" said Betti Barsantini, the portrait was in fact his favorite type of work.

Marco Fallani

Born in New York City in 1965, he started painting at the age of five, his artistic training as a painter and sculptor passed from Florence and ended in San Francisco. He exhibited all over the world, he considered art as a mirror of the person, the reason to start a discussion about existence. He collaborated in the making of the monument to Joe Louis for the city of Detroit, he prepared molds and plaster casts of the Guglielmo pulpit for the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo in Pisa, he also worked as a set designer for the production of Luca Ronconi, Lo Specchio and was the winner of the Painting City of Lucca Award

Alessandro Gaggio

A life spent in the fashion world among the names of Valentino, Gucci, Fendi, Moschino, Ermanno Scervino, Chiara Boni, Stephane Kelian, as a designer of accessories and prints for fabric. Nowadays he is a complete artist expressing his inclinations and obsessions through a limited series of t-shirts, scarves, jewels and sculptures. Each of his works expresses an imaginary world, each astonishing piece can represent the unusual.

Francesco Falciani

Born in Siena in 1975, in his paintings he reflects on the transformation of bodies in animals, of humans’ bodies in figures evolving into the fossil, on the idea of ​​existence as an accumulation of objects, in reference to everyday life and according to the tradition of the wunderkammer.

As in a permanent and constantly evolving exhibition, we describe here, below, some of the authors of the masterpieces that will surround you in our "small home gallery". Welcome to our world,
Casa Botticelli, the art of hospitality, emotions’ gallery.