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Pitti Palace is what you could see just watching out from a window of our home hotel in Florence. Among the historic residences in Tuscany, the Pitti Palace, the Medici’s house, was “royal residence” in Florence since 1550, when it was bought by Cosimo I and his wife Eleonora from Toledo to transform it into the new grand-ducal court. If you look out of the windows, you will see its magnificent “bugnato”, ideal to represent the consolidation of the power of the Medici dynasty on Tuscany.

Pitti Palace, our hotel and the nearby the Medici’s Residence

This stunning structure was commissioned in the mid-1400s by Luca Pitti, a Florentine banker, to demonstrate his greatness. The elegant architecture has perhaps been designed by Luca Fancelli, a Filippo Brunelleschi’s apprentice, and has hosted two other royal families: the Habsburg-Lorraine (from 1737) and the Savoy since 1865, during the period of Florence as the capital of Italy. The arrival of King Vittorio Emanuele from Turin was celebrated by the people with an ovation and a spectacle of candles and torches.

Today it is one of the main attractions in the city: its square offers a little 'rest for tourists, who can enjoy the charming setting, within it you can explore three museums (the Palatine Gallery, the Modern Art Museum and the Fashion and Costume one), while just outside is the Boboli Gardens, a delightful example of Italian garden, a park full of sculptures and surprises, perfect for an afternoon of refreshment in search of a shelter from the summer heat.

Did you know that the Pitti Palace was the destination of the famous Vasari Corridor? From Palazzo Vecchio, the seat of power of Florence, the Grand Duke walked along the Uffizi Gallery, then crossed the Arno River by walking on the Ponte Vecchio, getting finally here. Entering the dimension of Pitti Palace you will experience the atmosphere of one of the most important courts in Europe, you will perceive luxury and the thrill of the international politics, history and art.

You won’t need to look for parking: get out of our gallery art hotel and reach it! Have a natural and genuine breakfast, take the children by the hand and go and unveil the enchanting royal apartments! If you wish, we can reserve the tickets in advance for you.

  • Open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 8,15 a.m. to 6,50 p.m.
  • Ticket from 1/3 to 31/10: adult 16,00 € kid 8,00 €
  • Ticket from 1/11 to 28/2: adult 10,00€ kid 5,00€
  • Boboli
  • Open from Monday to Sunday, from 8,15 a.m. to 7,30 p.m. (during June, July and August)
  • Ticket from 1/3 to 31/10: adult 10,00 € kid 5,00 €
  • Ticket from 1/11 to 28/2: adult 6,00€ kid 3,00€

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