Historic hotel Florence

Welcome to our historic hotel in Florence, a new and innovative concept of a boutique hotel enjoying a fascinating and strategic location, within a walking distance from all the famous landmarks of Florence. Palazzo Pitti, the ancient Medici’s and Royal Residence of Tuscany is just a few steps from our home: you’re in the historic center of the Renaissance’s Capital, among enticing glimpses and enchanting squares.

A charming historic hotel in Florence, in a stunning neighborhood

Explore the streets of Santo Spirito, among artisans’ shops, small pubs and trendy bars where you can sip an excellent aperitif and morning markets. Experience the magic atmosphere of the Oltrarno district, where you can live as a Florentine, between hipsters and "historical" inhabitants, students and tourists. Enjoy a local dimension, projected towards an international foresight, but still preserving an authentic colorful setting made up of workshops, vegetable and seasonal fresh fruit stands, designer clothes boutiques, cafes, wildflowers and restaurants. The perfection and the simple extraordinariness of everyday life, as contained in a snow globe, the most genuine, historic and bohemian place in Tuscany.

In these pages, we want to give you some suggestions, samples and ideas to discover some “must to visit” you will surely remember forever, without depriving you of the joy of discovery. Are you ready to start discovering the most unusual and romantic Florence?

Just leaving the door of our historic home, you will be enveloped by the most varied, artistic and vital panorama ever, made of people, art, culture and buildings. Unveil it with us.
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