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What makes a boutique accommodation a real luxury hotel? Florence, our city, first of all, represents the perfect setting for a luxury stay. Just open the windows of your room inside Casa Botticelli and live the precious context, characterized by an elegant atmosphere, defining each celebrated place, such as the Cathedral, the Brunelleschi’s Dome, Giotto’s Bell tower, the Uffizi Gallery, Ponte Vecchio or Piazza della Signoria. Add to the superlative Italian Renaissance experience the modern interiors, based on the concept of a tailored stay where experiencing the top comfort and privacy. The exclusive contemporary touch meets the history and the art, giving a new definition to the concept of luxury hotel.

Casa Botticelli described by some of the best travelers’ magazines, our enchanted luxury hotel in Florence in the press

According to Tablet, Casa Botticelli is "a well-crafted, fully realized, tiny little gem of a hotel — it’s almost too good to be true. It’s an art gallery as well as a hotel, with many of its works offered for sale, and in terms of design it’s a fine example of the contemporary Florentine style, which unapologetically mixes elements from the fifteenth century straight up to the present day." "The welcome is elegant and familiar, the rooms are spacious, equipped with all comforts and full of... works of art", wrote Panorama a famous Italian magazine. Discover what the most relevant magazines and newspapers says about us, their opinions and articles. Get ready to unveil Florence from a different point of view, our central location will allow you to experience Florence with a different and evocating prospective.
Casa Botticelli, the art of hospitality, emotions’ gallery.

Discover the artists who are animating now the walls and rooms of our original gallery hotel art in Florence and reserve a sensual adventure now.
Casa Botticelli, the art of hospitality, emotions’ gallery.

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