Feel Safe

Flexible cancellations and breakfast served in your room, a new, safe, peaceful and romantic way to explore Florence!

We continue to realize people’s dreams. We are part of an amazing community of people who love to dream, travel, explore Tuscany and Florence, paying a strong attention to the masterpieces of this land, to the worldwide famous Tuscan art and culture. It’s a pleasure for us to surround yourselves with many operas and works of art while guaranteeing the maximum standard of security possible. Comfort, pleasure and well-being of our guests remain the top priority for us at Casa Botticelli and this is why we have adopted some special measures since the reopening:

Measures for your travel plans: flexible cancellations Additional hygiene and safety measures for guests Social distancing measures Security measures for our team

Flexible cancellations

Why should you abandon your desires? We do and we will do everything to guarantee you a perfect, charming, welcoming and renewed stay experience, right in the characteristic style of Casa Botticelli.
And that’s why we offer you the possibility of flexible cancellations.
As always, you will be welcomed by a professional team, highly selected and trained, ready to solve any situation or to ask to each question: we have full confidence in everyone of them.

Additional hygiene and safety measures for guests

We have added to the careful daily cleaning of all the rooms of the boutique hotel measures such as:

  • Frequent ventilation of common areas and rooms;
  • Sanitation of air filters and cleaning of air conditioning machines;
  • Availability of sanitizing gel diffusers at the entrance / exit of the hotel, in the common areas, disposable masks and gloves on request;
  • Cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces several times a day with particular attention to objects that are touched more often such as door handles etc.;
  • Constant training of staff on new provisions;
  • Sanitization of the rooms at each departure;
  • Use of masks and gloves by cleaning and breakfast room staff;

Measures for social distancing

  • We encourage everyone inside the hotel to maintain a minimum distance of 1 meter, both for guests and for the team. In case of table service, the staff is always equipped with masks and gloves;
  • During this period you will have breakfast directly in your room, with the utmost care and attention to hygiene rules. Breakfast will consist of selected and excellent packaged products and coffee with disposable pods.

Security measures for our team

  • We prefer to avoid handshakes, kisses on the cheeks and hugs;
  • We often wash our hands, use disinfectant and encourage our guests to do the same;
  • Availability of sanitizing gel dispenser in the hotel;
  • Supply of kits with masks, gloves and sanitizing gel;
  • Sanitization of the workstation at the end of each shift;


The following indications and behavioral rules are aimed at making your holiday safe:

  • Access to the facility is allowed only with a body temperature below 37.5. The temperature can be measured on some occasions even during your stay
  • The possible appearance of symptoms attributable to Covid-19 must be promptly reported to the staff and our doctor
  • It is always mandatory to wear the mask inside the structure
  • The social distancing of at least one meter must be respected
  • Extreme attention must be paid to personal hygiene, in particular to hand washing


Casa Botticelli for its Guests:

  • Hand sanitizing gel dispensers have been installed at every strategic and most frequent points
  • The staff is equipped with a mask and gloves
  • All cleaning is performed with the usual scrupulousness and with specific products. The cleaning of all those sensitive parts or where there may be a greater degree of danger have also been implemented
  • Each environment before use will be properly sanitized.

All the above indications have been prepared following national and international guidelines for the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic

We care about the health of our Guests and all our collaborators, and our efforts are aimed at making your holiday as unforgettable as usual.